It’s been a month now since Ribbet launched and today we have released the most exciting features so far:

– Edit your pictures directly from Facebook and Flickr
– A Facebook app
– Save your edited pics directly to Facebook and Flickr
– Replace Flickr photos you edit (Flickr pro users only)
– Edit your Facebook friends’ photos
– Use Facebook, Flickr, History and Web photos to create collages and layers from the photo basket
– Crop to Facebook timeline preset (in the Crop dropdown)
– Basic Downloader for those having problems downloading
– Fixed issue with Advanced > Curves not working correctly
– Fixed speed issue loading items from history

If that’s not an awesome list, I don’t know what is! Let us know what you think.



  1. Sue Matsumoto Reply

    I was told that I had won a free one year Premier membership to Ribbet. Apparently there were just a 100 given out according to your response that said Congratulations… Can you apply it to my account?
    Thank you

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Sue, Yes you are indeed one of our 100 winners. For a limited time, Ribbet Premium is free for everyone; simply register for an account to take part. Once the “free for everyone” period is over, your 1 year free Premium membership will commence (it will be automatically applied to your account at that time).

  2. I really liked the faded daguerreo type before the update, it looked like a real old photo effect, soft and pristine. What happened to that effect? I’d like to have it back please. I don’t need that sepia look instead, I can achieve it on a different way.
    Thank you

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Elina, this effect was in fact a “happy accident”. What was happening was it was applying the curves effect, and then a black and white effect. This was causing all the curves to not work as they were intended.

      You can still achieve the old effect by applying the Faded Daguerreotype effect, and then applying a Black & White effect on top of it.

      • Thank you very much for the tip. I just tried it out and it works well this way too.

  3. Mozilla Firefox integration would be awesome, I used it all the time with the …”other” site. You guys are doing an awesome job, I didn’t get a free year but I will definitely sign up for a year. It would be awesome to make badges available for people to advertise your site.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Mephobia. Thanks very much for your feedback. We do currently have a toolbar button which works with Firefox to import any image from any public webpage. Badges are an excellent suggestion thank you and we will be adding them to our press kit page soon.

  4. I need a clone tool to remove unwanted objects from some of my photos.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Tom, Not sure if you are aware of this but there is a Clone Tool within the Advanced tab.

  5. I have a Flickr Pro account, but Ribbet never lets me replace a Flickr photo I edited. Actually, I remember seeing this option once a few days ago, then it disappeared. Am I missing something?

    • Update:
      If I am not signed in to Ribbet when I access my Flick account from Ribbet, the option to replace the photo in Flickr will be offered in the Share & Save tab.

      If I sign out from Ribbet, then sign in to Ribbet, the option to replace the photo is Flickr is not offered.

      It seems to me that Ribbet only checks my Flickr “pro” status when I connect to my Flickr account without being signed in to Ribbet.

      • Ribbet Reply

        Hi Graphie, Thank you very much for reporting this problem. You are correct and Ribbet is forgetting that you are a Flickr Pro user once you close it. Until this is fixed (which wont be too long), the workaround is to Disconnect and Reconnect to Flickr by going to Library > Flickr, clicking Options > Disconnect and then clicking the red Connect button. Replace will then work until you close Ribbet again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Kira, We don’t have an exact deadline for when Ribbet Premium will stop being free.

  6. Susan Rindner Reply

    What happened to the scrapbook features?!
    What happened to those awesome moon features under the Halloween

  7. Ribbet Reply

    Do you mean Fancy Collage? This is coming back in a future version. This feature from Picnik hasn’t yet been introduced in Ribbet. When it is introduced there will be a new set of collages.

    The moons in the Halloween Category can be found on the Seasonal Tab under Halloween > Halloween Props

  8. When I upload a photo from flickr, edit it, then try to save it back to flickr, it just “grinds away” never completing the save. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Ken, you’re not doing anything wrong. This should be a straightforward action that should just work. Would you mind trying again to see if you still have a problem as our upload service was down for a short time earlier this week and you may have tried at this time?

  9. Also, is there anything we can do to enable uploading directly from Flickr (a la Picnik & Aviary)? It would be awesome if editing in Ribbet was an option when we first load to Flickr.

    • Ribbet Reply

      This would only be possible with the support of Flickr. They would need to integrate Ribbet with their website. We would be thrilled for this to happen, but currently there is no indication that this is a possibility.

  10. No luck. I just tried again, and the little icon is still saying “saving to flickr” after 5 minutes by the clock. I’m going to try a different photo, and will let you know the result.

  11. Tried another photo–no luck. Signed out of Ribbet then signed back in tried again—same result. I can get my photos from Flickr just fine, but can’t save them back once they’re modified. Also, I note I’m not getting the option to “replace” the photo I’ve just edited.

  12. Sorry, I saw the “work around” solution to the replace issue and did get the replace option, but still won’t save.

    • Ribbet Reply

      We haven’t decided on the exact pricing yet but it will be very reasonable and most likely a similar structure to how Picnik was priced.

  13. I’ve just discovered Ribbet – I am so grateful that Picnik has been reincarnated as it was my very favourite tool. Thanks.
    I am having the same problem as a few others above: I can’t save to Flickr. I wanted to know if this facility replaced the existing shot or produced a “new” upload, but it just churns away and doesn’t complete. Suggestions and help please.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi E Jennings, The problem saving to Flickr is a bug. Once this is resolved you will have the option to save or replace. This is a high priority issue and should be fixed within the next couple of weeks.

  14. Thanks for the info. I will look out for the fix.
    I also find that I can’t save my pics using ie9, it crashes. OK if I use Firefox though.

  15. Hi, Ribbet, Like Ken Wolf, I cannot get some of my images to ‘save.’ I have always loved Picnik and now Ribbet very much. But, it is very frustrating when only a few of my images will ‘save.’ I am not using a real high resolution. I have tried three different browsers. I don’t know what else to do. I really need help with this. Thank you, Donna

  16. Ribbet Reply

    For those of you having trouble saving to Flickr, a fix will be coming out within the next week. As a workaround for the problem saving, simply making sure that the Title, Description and Tags entered do not have a quote character in them (i.e. the ” character) and do not have triangular brackets (i.e. < or >) will ensure the image saves to Flickr. Once the fix is released there will be no problem including these characters, but until then removing them will fix the issue.

    Also if you are a Flickr Pro user, replacing will be possible after the fix. Until then, as a workaround you can disconnect and reconnect to your Flickr account from within Ribbet (by clicking Options > Disconnect on the Library > Flickr tab and then the red Connect button again). A replace option will then appear when saving to Flickr.

  17. Thank you so much, Ribbet, for helping me! I did take the characters out of the image and it worked! I am now looking forward to Saving my images and posting them back to Flickr! Thank you, Thank you…!!

  18. I have just discovered Ribbet and love the ability to do b4 and after pictures. But the first one i tried to post on FB was too large. I tried re-sizing but do not see the “Crop to Facebook timeline preset (in the Crop dropdown)” . Do i have to be a member to see this?

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Margaret, I think the preset you may be looking for is called “Facebook Cover” and is about 10 items from the top of the list. No sign up is required to access this preset. Let us know if this isn’t what you’re after.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Email support is coming soon. Currently you will have to download the pic to your computer and then attach it to an email.

  19. Hi there, im trying to design a collage as a christening invite. Everytime i upload to a photo printing website it doesnt fit in a 6×4 or 7×5 print. How do i change this?
    thank you

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Jodie, under Basic Edits > Crop there are presets which include 4×6 and 5×7. By cropping your image (after you finish the collage) you can ensure it fits perfectly. To get the collage approximately correct (so that not much or nothing needs to be cropped), when creating your collage use the proportions slider set to 60:40 for 6×4 or 58:42 for 7×5.

  20. Hi, was wondering how long the website will have all the premium effects for free?

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Gila, We don’t have an exact date for when we will start charging for premium. We’d like to stay free as long as possible, and after that we may also offer an Ad-Supported Premium option (along with an ad-free option).

  21. hi, i absolutely love your website and have been using it for awhile now. i was wondering if i could still get a free membership so that i can get the premium stuff?

  22. If I’m making a collage and I want it to fit in a 11 by 14 frame, what would the proportions need to be for it? I’ve read 6 by 4 is 60 40 and can’t seem to figure it out from there! Thank you! .xx

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Maddie, For any square collage (with an equal number of rows and columns) use the proportions 56:44 or 44:56 for an 11×14 frame. Clicking High on the top right toolbar when creating your collage will make it a higher resolution and will print more clearly at 11×14.

  23. Thank you Ribbet for all the good stuff but I have a problem
    I’m using google chrome and for 3 days now ribbet effects and text all are not charging all i get to see is a full charging bar and the two spining wheels and some red words

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Bechir, Thanks for contacting us and sorry that you’re getting this issue. Following these 2 steps should resolve this problem:

      1. Clear your cache
      2. Clear your Flash cache by visiting this page, finding in the list, and then clicking the Delete Website button

  24. Hi. I just registered and made my first collage. I am so impressed with ribbet and everything you can do with it… exceeds all expectations I had. WOW! I don’t know this is free or for how long, but I just wanted to express my thanks. Somebody obviously worked very hard to make ribbet such a nice site. 🙂

  25. I was just wondering why there was a year trial of premium. I’ve used Ribbet ever since I got the email that it was finally up, and I’ve enjoyed it. I hope that some people who have used for as long as I have could remain to have premium. I’ve just found out new techniques and things, and now hearing that the free premium is going to be over just breaks my heart. I hope I can muster up some money to where I can get premium when it is cancelled.

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Gryphon, Thanks for contacting us! We have kept Ribbet Premium free for as long as we could however in order to continue to improve Ribbet considerably, develop mobile apps, and maintain a high quality of service, we now need to begin to charge for it. The price will be very reasonable and there will be a discount offered to those who have used it during this free period. Please let us know if you have any further queries or concerns. Thanks!

  26. DinaBihorac Reply

    Is it possible to return mascara, wrinkle remover, clone and pro adjust? There are in premium version now, I can’t use it. Please, help me.. I need this stuff 🙂

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi DinaBihorac, Thanks for your feedback. We are currently considering which effects to make free, and we will take your request into consideration.

  27. is there a way to save my log in information. it gets annoying having to re-enter it whenever i open chrome

    • Ribbet Reply

      Hi Sherri, Thanks for contacting us!

      As long as you don’t sign out when you finish using Ribbet, you will stay signed in the next time you visit.

      Let us know if we can assist further in any way.

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