Ribbet, the photo editing platform trusted by over 2 million creatives worldwide, has launched the first season of its new, annual Ribbet Emerging Photographer Competition. With a judging panel made up of world-renowned photographers and thousands of dollars in cash prizes on offer, emerging and amateur photographers are encouraged to submit images that fit with this year’s official theme: “There’s nothing quite like this.” Entries close on April 30th. 

Photographers are invited to seek out small, beautiful things around them. “There’s nothing quite like this” refers to those moments that are unique to each of us and that, in a crowded and fast paced environment, bring happiness and calm.

Three winning entries will be selected based on creativity, originality, whether they fit with the official theme, composition, quality and overall appeal. This year’s jury includes:

  • Andrew Rovenko, Photographer, Australia
  • Ben Meisner, Founder, Ribbet, Australia
  • Jess Brohier, Photographer & Creative Director, Australia
  • Lucy Helena, Content Creator & Photographer, USA
  • Luke Shadbolt, Photographer / Designer, Australia
  • Sina Domke, Fine Art Photographer, Germany

After jury deliberation, the winners will be included in an extensive communication campaign and be awarded:

  • 1st place: US $2,000
  • 2nd place: US $1,000
  • 3rd place: US $500

All participants will receive 30 days of free Ribbet Premium membership.

To be eligible, contestants must be at least 18 years old, an emerging photographer and be the creator and copyright holder of the image they submit. Images cannot be significantly altered or generated using AI tools.

For the purpose of this competition, Ribbet recognises an emerging photographer as someone who doesn’t make most of their income from photography and hasn’t had their work published in more than 5 publications. 

There is a US $20 entry fee and full competition rules are available here


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