How do you feel about AI and photo editing? 

You may have already used some AI-enhanced tools, knowingly or not, such as background removal, coloring of black and white photos, upscaling image quality/size and automatic object removal. If you are a Ribbet user, you may have already seen some of these in our web editor and tried them out. 

Being AI-powered doesn’t seem as revolutionary today as it once did. We are becoming increasingly used to the efficiency it brings us, and less and less amazed by its capabilities with otherwise time-consuming, energy-draining tasks.

AI-enhanced editing tools are definitely having an impact on art. How big is this impact though, what are its benefits and drawbacks, and how will it evolve?

To answer these questions and many more, we’re running a short survey. 

We’d love it if you’d participate! As a thank you for completing the survey, we’ll give you 30 days of Ribbet Premium membership for free! You just have to share your answers by February 10th!

We are conducting this survey to get a more comprehensive picture of how the creative community perceives AI-powered editing tools. The answers will be compiled into anonymized, summarized results that will be released publicly.


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