Ribbet’s 2020 Halloween Photo Editing Contest

It’s October again and that means it’s time for a long-standing Ribbet tradition: our annual Halloween photo editing contest!

The winner will take home $500 cash and we are also giving away 5 runner-up prizes of $100 each. For full details and rules, see the description in our contest post on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with Ribbet and how to get your Halloween photos to really stand out, check out the recording from our latest live webinar, in which we show you how to use pro tools like clone, burn, dodge, pro adjust and Halloween stickers.

You can also ask our community or find inspiration on our Facebook group dedicated to learning Ribbet, which anyone is free to join here.

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Our Social Distancing Photo Editing Contest

We’re running a new contest this month to see what social distancing has looked like for our community.

This time around, the winner will receive access to a photography masterclass taught by world-renowned portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz!

The deadline to enter is May 18th and a winner will be selected by May 25th. To get all the details and to make your submission, click here.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

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2019 Halloween Photo Editing Contest

Happy Halloween from the Ribbet team (wait that almost rhymes!)

Our 2019 Halloween Photo Editing Contest is back! Free to enter, open to all ages and countries, and $1,000 in cash prizes to be won. Best of all (as always) it’s a lot of fun.

Enter on our Facebook page here.

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Selective Effects and Erasing have arrived on mobile!

The latest version of Ribbet for iOS has just been released and now supports applying your favorite effects and filters selectively.

Download from App Store

How does it work?

This feature lets you choose an area of your photo where you’d like an effect to be applied. Simply open an effect, tap the Eraser icon and paint the area you want to erase.

This lets you adjust contrast, exposure, color and sharpness on selective areas of your photo. You can color splash one part of a photo, leaving the rest black and white, or apply any other Ribbet filter or tool selectively.

How do you remove backgrounds from images?

1. Start with a Blank Canvas or a new background image
2. Add your photo as a Watermark
3. Use the Erase tool to remove the background.

We’re in love with this new capability and can’t wait for you to check it out! Selective effects will be available on Android soon.

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Be first to try the all-new Ribbet for Web

We’re working on a brand new product! Set to be Ribbet’s flagship software, we’re building a new, browser-based photo editor, collage maker and design tool. There’s a lot to be excited about, but we can’t share many details just yet. But, if you’d like to become an early, beta tester, now is your chance. You can sign up here.

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App Of The Day

Ribbet for iOS and Android has been featured as “App Of The Day” on Download Astro, a site that chooses one new app each day to share with their 750,000 users. Thanks to Pavle and the awesome team there – we highly recommend Download Astro for discovering new apps.

Check out the interview with our founder.

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Introducing, Ribbet for Android

Introducing, Ribbet for Android
with 14 days free Premium for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac

Download now on Google Play

Available for iPhone and iPad
Download for PC and Mac

We hope you love our new app! We’ll be adding new features like more touch up tools and effects, custom photo layers and stickers through regular updates.

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Add a little magic

Add a little magic to your photos with Ribbet’s new Overlays section, featuring effects like Bokeh, Light Leaks, Vignette and Gradients.

Available now on desktop and web

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Introducing Ribbet Fly

Photoshop images right in your browser – free. Introducing Ribbet Fly: ribbet.com/fly

With full PSD and Sketch support.

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2018 Halloween Photo Editing Contest

Our 2018 Halloween Photo Editing Contest is now live. Free to enter, open to all ages and countries, and $1,000 in cash prizes to be won. Best of all it’s a lot of fun.

Enter on our Facebook page here.

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