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      I have been a very active user of Ribbet, however it looks like the Gooify tool has disappeared. this was my most used tool?
      Does anybody know where it has gone?
      Why it has been removed?

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      Hi Volkan,

      We haven’t yet added Gooify to our new browser-based editor, however we will be adding it in the near future. You can keep track of our updates to this editor here.

      In the meantime you can still use our previous version of Ribbet. It’s now available as a program from and includes all the original functionality including Gooify. Once installed it will add a Ribbet icon to your Windows desktop / Mac icon dock – you can launch Ribbet from this (no need to return to our website).

      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Kind regards,
      – Ben

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      Hi, quisiera saber ¿ Para cuándo habrá la función GOOFY? era muy util y necesaria. Espero lo vuelvan activar pronto y nos avisem , gracias de antemano.

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        Hola, gracias por comunicarte con nosotros.

        Gooify todavía está disponible en nuestra versión del programa para Windows y Mac.

        No tenemos un plazo exacto en el que se agregará para nuestra nueva versión web, pero tenemos la intención de incluirlo en el futuro.

        ¡Háganos saber si tiene más preguntas!
        – Bena

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        Blair Barbee

        I have the same request for Gooify tool on the website robber version. I only use a company owned laptop and not allowed to download the ribbet desktop version. ?

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