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      This article outlines every update made to our online photo editor:

      Version 2.0.0

      2 February, 2023

      · New login/signup flow
      · Fix for Text and Stickers where you can’t exit rotation
      · Pending changes are auto-saved when a project is duplicated

      Version 1.6.0

      23 December, 2022
      · Added advanced blend mode support for image layers and stickers
      · Addes support for brush effects to be painted on the very edge of image layers
      · Added ability to move any layer with arrow keys (Ctrl/Command + arrow keys for faster moving)
      · Rotate, snapping, undo/redo and stability improvements
      · Collage improvements to position of images in cells and inserting images between cells
      · Fixes to resizing image layers with erased areas
      · Design improvements for color selection rectangles, the font list, and Overlays and Curves right panels
      · Fixes to “Set as background” button
      · Added ability to click the background grid to deselect all layers
      · Added autoload of next page of images for Stock tab

      Version 1.5.0

      2 November, 2022
      · Added Frames: Border, Rounded Edges, Museum Matte, Reflection, Postage Stamp, Square, Drop Shadow and Polaroid
      · Brush size preview appears on your image when adjusting slider
      · Improvements to hex color input and “Set as background” function
      · Rotate/straighten now show a straightening grid
      · Fixes to Cinema Scope, Collage rounded corners, undo/redo, Photos tab, visibility of text when first added, various stability improvements

      Version 1.4.0

      29 September, 2022
      · Added the ability to change the editor’s background color (selector circle is down the bottom left of the editor)
      · Fixes relating to photo layer rotation, HEX code entry, applying effects to the background image when image layers are present, undo/redo, applying effects to image layers, keeping image layer effects applied after resizing or switching the active layer, reopening projects with curved text and collages with effects
      · UI improvements to light/dark theme switcher, close icon on photo layers and tool availability on smaller screens

      Version 1.3.9

      25 August, 2022
      · Single images are now uploaded in the background so the editor loads instantaneously
      · Flattening All and applying of any effect is also now instantaneous
      · User Setting added to auto-optimize the size of very large images resulting in significant improvements to performance
      · Added Seasonal > Halloween > Scary Movies, Holiday > Jolly Red Nose and 4th Of July > Red White&Blue effects
      · Resolved problem some users had where Auto-fix and Auto-exposure made the image very dark
      · Improvements to Background Removal and Clone
      · Default image format to JPG when no transparency
      · Fixed freezing issue when auto-saving on Clone, Burning and Dodging
      · Fixed image distortion in Resize tool when adjusting Height with lock icon on
      · Brighter brush circle to improve visibility in any painting tool
      · Undo/redo fixes
      · Fixes to “Reset” image layer button, HEX color code, PHOTOS tab and effect thumbnails after Flattening All
      · CinemaScope and Shine Removal fixes
      · Fixes to image library’s “Use in a design” and “Download” buttons
      · Allow the swapping of images with effects in collage cells

      Version 1.3.8

      15 July, 2022
      · Fixes to “Use as background” button on Image Layers
      · Fixes to using the color picker in Eye color, Lip color, and Highlights touch-ups

      Version 1.3.7

      8 June, 2022
      · Added Adjust > Erase tool
      · Added new Seasonal and regular Effects
      · Added Snap to Grid functionality
      · Added the ability to adjust the rows and columns sliders for any grid collage layout
      · Improved Image Layer options for moving forwards/backwards
      · Improved Image Library and My Creations interfaces
      · Fixes to Resizing proportionately, “Color Correct” overlays, Sticker color changes, lip color choices, color picking
      · Fixes to undo/redo, flattening images, drag/drop images to upload, Curved Text functionality

      Version 1.3.6

      22 March, 2022
      · Added “Funhouse mirror” effect to Seasonal tab
      · Added “Custom Ratio” to the Resize panel
      · Improved performance of opening images from Image Library
      · Improved default Collage look and feel
      · Fixes to Stock images, Erasing, Clone, Collage row/column moving and spacing, Image Library, Blank Canvas, Resizing, Vignette, Effects after Cropping and Color Picker recent colors

      Version 1.3.5

      18 January, 2022
      · Fixes for saving of JPG EXIF data, undo of Crop and Color Selectors for Pro tools

      Version 1.3.4

      24 December, 2021
      · Improvements to Blank Canvas and New Collage dialogs
      · Various bug fixes, UI and performance improvements
      · Improved icons and menu order

      Version 1.3.3

      23 November, 2021
      · Improvements to “New Collage” pop-up
      · Fix for exporting with transparent background
      · Allow resolution increasing for Premium users when saving
      · Fixes to curved text
      · Various improvements and bug fixes

      Version 1.3.2

      1 November, 2021
      · Added Stickers section
      · Add Zombify 2.0 and Ogre Vision effects
      · Various improvements and bug fixes

      Version 1.3.1

      8 October, 2021

      · Added Pro tools: Clone, Curves, Levels, Dodge & Burn
      · Started the Seasonal section with Halloween effects
      · Added Zoom bar down the bottom right of editor
      · Fixes to Crop and Instathin

      Version 1.3.0

      13 September, 2021

      · Major performance improvements
      · Added ability to Reverse effect painting
      · Added “New Canvas” and “New Collage” dialogs
      · Allow holding of Spacebar to move canvas when in brush mode
      · Preparation for Pro tool release
      · Undo/redo fixes and many miscellaneous improvements

      Version 1.2.9

      16 August, 2021

      · Enhanced the editor’s behind the scenes error tracking, to identify and resolve any issues

      Version 1.2.8

      4 August, 2021

      · Delete/backspace keyboard shortcut added to clear collage cells
      · Undo/Redo and Crop preset fixes
      · Blank Canvas background color now exports correctly

      Version 1.2.7

      7 July, 2021

      · Color picker, effect thumbnail and collage fixes
      · Undo/redo fixes
      · Preparation for upcoming addition of Pro tools and Frames

      Version 1.2.6

      15 June, 2021

      · Crop tool improvements and enhancements
      · Undo/redo improvements and fixes
      · Enhancements to resizing and changing collages
      · Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

      Version 1.2.5

      13 May, 2021

      · Added light theme

      Version 1.2.4

      7 May, 2021

      · Added prompt to download PC/Mac version of Ribbet

      Version 1.2.3

      29 April, 2021

      · Various fixes to Undo/Redo, Crop, reopening projects and transparent images
      · Improvements to the Rotate tool

      Version 1.2.2

      23 April, 2021

      · Various collage improvements
      · Undo/Redo, focal effect and touch-up fixes

      Version 1.2.1

      8 April, 2021

      · New size slider to easily zoom collage cells and photo layers
      · Line Height and Letter Spacing re-introduced for text
      · Fixes to Instathin, Resize, Touch-up and undo/redo

      Version 1.2.0

      26 March, 2021

      · Add in missing font previews and remove doubled fonts
      · Fix rotation and flip undo/redo and add a rotation slider to the image arrangement options

      Version 1.1.9

      25 March, 2021

      · Hundreds of fonts added from the previous (Flash) version of Ribbet:

      · Improvements to font search field and text generally
      · Various fixes to loading saved projects

      Version 1.1.8

      24 March, 2021

      · Added new options for Photo Layers dragged on from the Library tab:

      · Many miscellaneous fixes to Grid Collage
      · Fixes for “Move to front”, rotate and straighten

      Version 1.1.7

      10 March, 2021

      · Added Hand tool to move when zoomed in and painting

      · Added keyboard shortcuts: Hold Space to toggle Hand tool, Backspace to delete image
      · Update to My Creations design
      · Fixes for export dialog, download and undo buttons and thumbnail for rotated images
      · Added Load More button in Editor’s Library tab

      Version 1.1.6

      26 February, 2021

      · Collage improvements
      · Blank Canvas and Recent colors improvements
      · Fix to allow overlays on overlays after flattening
      · Allow Touch-up tools on collage images and image layers

      Version 1.1.5

      25 February, 2021

      · Fixed issues with opening old projects and My Creations not showing

      Version 1.1.4

      24 February, 2021

      · New Adjust > Canvas Color tool to change the background color of blank canvases at any time
      · Keep EXIF data when saving an image
      · New “Image Library” with multi-uploads showing progress
      · New graphics for Touch-up tools
      · Miscellaneous bug fixes to Touch-up tools, Adjust tools and Flatten Image

      Version 1.1.3

      11 February, 2021

      · Fixes to Blemish Fix and Shine Removal tools
      · Various collage improvements

      Version 1.1.2

      11 February, 2021

      · Tightening up of Crop interface
      · Fixes to focal effects and Tint

      Version 1.1.1

      10 February, 2021

      · Add Flatten All button to combine all layers
      · Allow multiple touch-ups to be applied
      · Improve order tools from different sections are applied
      · Performance improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes
      · Added option to flip and rotate collage cells

      Version 1.1.0

      2 February, 2021

      · Ensure transparent PNGs keep their transparency when added as a layer from the Library tab
      · Improve Crop interface
      · Update Start page interface
      · Fixed disappearing collage image issue

      Version 1.0.9

      January, 2021

      · Added instructions when saving to explain how to set the save destination folder
      · Auto-fill of project name when saving
      · User experience improvements to adding text and changing fonts

      Version 1.0.8

      January, 2021

      · New project options up the top center of the editor to Export, Duplicate and Rename your project
      · Misc fixes to collage and touch-ups
      · Fix predefined colors for Lip Color, Eye Shadow and Blush tools

      Version 1.0.7

      January, 2021

      · Resolved problem with disappearing text after picking a color
      · Resolved problem with closing the color picker after selecting color from a piece of text

      Version 1.0.6

      January, 2021

      · Fixes to loading photos from social sources (Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram)
      · Fix to touch-up strokes displaying after changing settings in the right panel

      Version 1.0.5

      January, 2021

      · Fix for connecting to Google / Google Drive / Google Photos
      · Improved Exposure performance

      Version 1.0.4

      January, 2021

      · General performance improvements

      Version 1.0.3

      January, 2021

      · Misc collage improvements
      · Optimized loading of project previews
      · Fix pagination in project management
      · Optimize loading of photos in library

      Version 1.0.2

      December, 2020

      · General performance improvements

      Version 1.0.1

      December, 2020

      · Resolve problem with large images not loading

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      What happened to the older version for cropping? I would like it to remain the same when I create my 100 x 100 icon that I use this program for. Why can’t it be how it used to be?

      Now my 100 x 100 icon is wonky and not scaled down. I hate this update. FIX IT!!!

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        Hello, We have created a support ticket to address your concern and will be investigating and getting back to you shortly via email.

        – The Ribbet Team

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      chris gaynor

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      chris gaynor

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