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      Hi Ribbet, the new look is awesome! Thank you for giving Ribbet a makeover to make it look more modern and professional.

      I would love to have the ability to arrange favorite (frequently used) tools in a descending order, so that my faves are at the top, eliminating the need to scroll all the way down each time for commonly used tools like Dodge and Burn, for one example. Think of how much time could be saved over the course of a year by not having to scroll so much on each edit.

      Also, if rotating an image could be done at the same time as cropping, that would be another amazing time saver!

      Thanks for listening!

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      Hi Tanya!

      Thanks so much for your feedback. We are so thrilled that you like our new interface!

      These are really awesome suggestions. I’ve added them to our wishlist for inclusion in a future Ribbet version. One idea regarding commonly used tools: we already have a “star” function which sends your tools to the “favorites” tab (last icon on the left bar when editing). We could also move these starred tools to be first on their existing tabs.

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      Sounds great, thanks so much, and I’ll check out the star feature.; I can honestly say I’ve never noticed it before, and I’ve got lots of hours in. Ha ha I’ll check it out right away!

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      UPDATE: Starring the tools to create a favorites list is EXACTLY what I was looking for – I can’t believe I never noticed it before, it’s a huge time saver!

      Thanks again for being so awesome, Ribbet!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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