NOTE: this update relates to the ONLINE EDITOR and NOT the Ribbet Windows/Mac Program Or the Mobile/Tablet Apps.


We’ve released an update yesterday to our Online Editor. Let’s have a quick look 😉

Resize tool:

We’ve overhauled the The Resize tool. The changes have made it even easier to resize any Image / Text / Graphics quickly and precisely.

We’ve covered everything about the changes we made but also how it works over here:

Project Dimensions:

Before, the Project Dimensions were locked with a “Main” image. Now, you can set custom dimensions to your project without it being dependent to an Image.

We’ve laid out how this works here:

Changes to take note of:

  • We’ve simplified the name of some of the features or section. For example, in the Tools Tab we’ve renamed the Layer Resize tool to simply Resize, as this tool now works on any elements you have in your Project
  • We’ve shuffled the tools in the Tools Tab. The more popular tools are listed towards the top
  • We’ve made the Tools tab to be the default section expanded when opening the editor as this is used extensively. You will find the Adjustment tab has been shuffled below AI tools
  • The Canvas Settings has moved to the Tools Tab was split and renamed to Project Dimensions (as mentioned above) and Project Background.

What’s Next?

These updates we released yesterday, however they may seem plain, has been a months long process in setting up what’s coming in 2024.

In the coming weeks and months however, this is what you can expect:

  1. Updating the Crop feature. At the moment the cropping feature will crop right now the entire project, not the image you’ve selected. This is a high priority and we’re working to have a release by the end December / Beginning of next month.
  2. Updating the Erase tool. At the moment, the Erase tool that is currently available is a bit limited as you to save your changes before you can proceed with any other edits. But, hang tight as we roll a new and improved Erase tool this month
  3. Editing AI Results. Starting with the AI Remove Background, we plan to include the ability for you to Edit what’s been removed. That’s right, if the Remove Background, well, “removed” something it shouldn’t have we’re gonna make it possible for you to undo it. Expect this in January of next year and we will roll out to other AI tools through the winter
  4. The Lasso and Marquee Tool are amazing but will be put “under maintenance”. When it was available, you were able to cut, copy, and paste the “Main Image” but nothing else. For 2024, we are looking to make sure these powerful tools can be used on any Image layer but also in conjection with other tools. Release for this update is aimed for the beginning of Feb
  5. Performance improvements. The above plans, and amongst other things, are all playing a part in improving the performance of the Online Editor.

Leave your comments below or reach out to us if you have any questions or problems! We’re working literally day and night to shape and shake Ribbet up for the best 🙂

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


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