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      I thought Ribbet would be great to edit photos already in Flickr. However, when I saved it back to Flickr the size went from 5.6 MB to 437KB!!! An extreme reduction in file size.

      Is this normal? Is there a way to retain the original file size?

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      Hi Kara,

      Thanks for contacting us. To keep your photo editing experience snappy, when you first upload a photo, or import an image from Flickr, Ribbet defaults to resize large photo files to 2800 pixels on the longest side (a little over 5 megapixels). This size is still large enough to make high quality 8×10 prints, however if you’d prefer to retain the original image size (up to 16 megapixels), follow these steps:

      1. Sign in to http://www.ribbet.com/app
      2. On the top bar click Help > My Account
      3. Change options under Image Quality
      4. Choose Archival and click Change

      Depending on the age of your computer, Ribbet may run more slowly, but this will allow the photo to remain up to 16 megapixels.

      If you’ve already imported a photo and it was resized to the smaller ‘Print’ quality, press the Undo button in the upper right corner just after uploading to get the larger version.

      If this doesn’t solve your problem please let us know because we’d love to fix it 🙂

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