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      Trinni Amiot

      Got an email from you the other day, asking for payment for premium services. Just wanna make sure it’s legit before entering my credit card!

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      Hi Trinni,

      Thanks for contacting us! We can confirm that this email is geniune. It contains a special offer on a 2 year Ribbet Premium membership. From Monday onwards, Ribbet Premium will no longer be free and monthly, 6 monthly and annual membership options will be available through the editor.

      Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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      I am actually very happy to see that Ribbet is now charging for Premium – it means that Ribbet is here to stay for awhile!

      While I use photoshop regularly, I have come to rely on Ribbet for many of it’s excellent features – I always worry that one day I’ll log on and it will be gone. I am very happy to pay for my membership now – thank you for making such an excellent program!

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      I will no longer be using your service now that you are charging for premium upgrades that you promised me when signing up months ago. The fact that you are removing capabilities that you made available to us (for signing up for your site) is bad business.

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      Tried to upgrade to premium. Nothing is in the box when I hit the button. In the middle of a time sensitive edit.

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      Michelle Martin

      I didn’t receive any email regarding being charged for Premium services now. I’ve really enjoyed using to do my photo editing; however, being on a VERY limited income and unable to afford to pay to use services that I have been enjoying free-of-charge for the past couple of years, I’m now probably going to have to find a different photo editing software for my photos. 🙁

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      Such a shame theres now a charge, might think about going back to photoshop and lightroom, but what exactly are we getting for the charge ? The same as we were getting for free?

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      Thanks Tanya for your kind words and support!

      Hi June, This issue should now be resolved. Please try again!

      Hi J, Initially you will be getting the same, but over the next weeks and months we are going to be delivering a whole new suite of enhancements, as well as a completely redesigned interface. Some of these improvements include the upcoming Fancy Card feature, improved dynamic grid collages, a more modern look and feel with multiple themes and background grids, and apps for mobile devices.

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      I am a little confused as to what exactly is still provided in the free account. I see no problem with charging for the premium service, after all, this is a business. However, I only use it for basic photo editing, i.e., cropping, auto fix, red-eye, etc. Will those still be available on a free account or will they go premium?

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      I love using Ribbet. I am disabled and this certainly gives me a highlight to my days when I can sit and play with my photos. I am not against paying for services and am grateful for the time I was able to use Ribbet for free. But I have a question….. there are a few of us who are on a very limited income. Do you have a special package for us? I can send proof of my income if needed but I am asking for help in continuing to be able to use the features I love so much. Please reply with any info you have at all regarding this. Thanks in advance.

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      Hi! I went in yesterday to edit a photo and I was very disappointed that it would not allow me to use the “premium” feature. I have been using this site dating back to when it was Picnik. I clicked on the upgrade button to find out what this was about and my computer just spins and spins – it does not display another information or give me options, I have been trying to do this for 2 days now. I also did not see an email that had a special offer that another poster referred to.. Can you please resolve and send this email, thanks!

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      Ben Martin

      I agree with Tanya that Ribbet has been more than gracious with their free features for all this time! I’ve been able to save a bunch of money by not purchasing Photoshop, learning how to USE Photoshop, and just simply using Ribbet.

      I’m surprised they lasted this long without charging a dime honestly! It’s time we give back to them! Imagine how much you WOULD have to pay (To picmonkey or a professional) without Ribbet.

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      Sorry, today i de activated and deleted my account. I joined Ribbet a year ago and all and sudden, even basic options, are for premium only.
      I did use Ribbet on a daily base, practically and not a trace of this coming up.

      I do understand if some feautures were available for a real premium, but basics effect that i can get for free on or GIMP…? Not cool, i am sorry.
      I am happy to pay ( and support) for a premium when the service offers something that i cannot get anywhere else, otherwise it feels quite bad to be attracted in something and all and sudden being forced to pay or nothing.

      Such a shame, i liked

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      I agree with Michael. I too will no longer be using your service now that you are charging for premium upgrades that you promised me when signing up months ago. The fact that you are removing capabilities that you made available to us (for signing up for your site) is BAD BUSINESS. You are trying to move forward and this is only going to piss people off like me and from what I’ve read a lot of other people too. Im really really sad 🙁 You guys were the best. You should at least lower the annual membership if you are going to suddenly out of the blue start charging us. Its outrageous. 30 dollars for one year? Nobody has that kind of money for photo editing.

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      Hi acatlover8, Every effect and feature not flagged with the word “Premium” remains free. Premium fonts and collage layouts are those with a blue background.

      Hi Janet, We are considering a special offer for those on a very limited income, and will announce details of this once we’ve finalized our decision.

      Hi Loungygirl, I’ve followed up with you over email. For anyone else having this issue, please try upgrading in another web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

      Ben, we really appreciate your comments and support!

      Tigrebianca, our basic options have remained free. If there are particular Premium features you’d like to see free, please let us know which ones.

      Sophia, we have always been transparent that our free Premium period was for a limited time only. Unfortunately it’s infeasible for us to continue supporting the site on ad-revenue alone.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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      Is there an app that we can buy instead of subsciption based?
      Trying to be Adobe CC? I live in the philippines and can’t afford these prices.

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      Hi Emotion, Thanks for your feedback. By charging for Ribbet Premium we are going to be able to create free Ribbet apps for mobile devices. We have already begun development on these, and will keep you updated once they are available for download.

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      Its not really easy to edit photos on mobile appz with your fingers.
      Can you atleast allow 640×480 output without tool restrictions? Premium users who are actually earning can edit high res pics if they want to by upgrading. For hobbyist small resolution is no problem.
      I doubt people from southeast asis, india, etc can pay monthly fees with that dollar price.

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      Hi Emotion, This is an excellent suggestion and one we will seriously consider for the future. Thanks for your feedback!

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      If were doing requests Id like to request airbrush be free then. The only things i really use are airbrush and eye brightener, sometimes mascara, eye liner or eyebrow pencil for pictures, i really love this site and have used it for years. I even bought a subscription today i was so shocked haha This site definitely has really good and useful applications but maybe lower the monthly fee? I know 5 isnt a lot but when you have other things that you got to pay for monthly it adds up, plus since so many people like it a lowered fee doesnt seem like itd be a total loss- especially since it was free from the start 🙂

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      I was disappointed too that premium features are not free, but geeze people, they deserve to charge for these tools and you got it free for a while.

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      I went to premium upgrade option and it seems that if you do not cancel, you will continue to be charged pass the monthly, biannual or yearly that you choose. I think this should be changed to let the user renew, not automatically keep charging their credit card.
      I did not get the email offer either for two year special and have been a user a long time.

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      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for contacting us! Here’s how to switch off auto-renew on your account:

      1. Click ‘Hi Username!’ on the top right toolbar
      2. Click ‘Change Subscription’
      3. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’

      You will still have access to all Premium functionality until the end of your canceled subscription.

      Also, I’ve sent you an email regarding the 2 year special offer.

      Let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

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