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      An issue has been identified in the latest version of Firefox (v23 onwards). This causes lagging and crashing on many websites, including Ribbet’s web app. You may notice the issue when Cropping, using Touch-up tools or other Ribbet effects, or you may be unable to navigate the editor as you normally can.

      To resolve the issue you can:

      Change the following Firefox setting:
      i) Type ”about:config” into your address bar and click the “I accept the risk!” button
      ii) Search for “dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled”
      iii) Double-click true in the Value column to change its value to false
      iv) Restart Firefox

      Or, use another web browser (until this issue is resolved), such as Google’s free Chrome browser

      Or, Ribbet Premium subscribers can use Ribbet’s Fullscreen mode (click the Fullscreen link up the very top right of the editor)

      We will keep this page updated with any new information we have. Please leave a message below to let us know if these fixes are helpful or if you have any other information that may help other Ribbet users. Thanks!

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