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      I just wanted to mention about the current shadow effect, under frames. I’ve uploaded a logo with a transparent background (png file) and when I go to add a shadow effect, it puts a white background
      around the logo and applies the shadow only to the background.

      I tried uploading it directly and I also tried to place the transparent logo onto a transparent canvas. The
      same thing happens, the shadow effect creates a white square around my logo and applies the shadow
      to that instead of creating a shadow around the logo itself.

      This is why I’m requesting a shadow effect on the properties window. So it may be applied directly with each element within the design being created.

      I used to use PowerPoint to do this with and it worked beautifully. I really hope you can add this feature, it would make Ribbet complete for me using it as an online design program. I could take each element and import it into another program, add the shadow effect and then import it back in, but it makes it really difficult to design this way and any elements I use from Ribbet, could not have the shadow applied in the design.

      Thanks again!

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      Hi Laura, We are definitely hearing you and agree that easy drop shadows would be a fantastic enhancement to Ribbet.

      There is a way to create a drop shadow for a transparent logo right now. You need to first create a Blank Canvas with transparency ticked, then drag on the transparent png or gif from the Photo Basket. Next click the Cog icon (up the top right next to Undo/Redo) and select Combine All. Lastly apply the Drop Shadow frame with transparency ticked.

      The ability to tick on a drop shadow on any element would be a very valuable feature though, and we will look at including this in the future.

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      Hi, Dear please help me to edit my daughter picture, because the picture is not clear, i am trying too much but i …….
      please, if someone can do something please email me.

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      Hi Aamir, We should be able to help you out and have sent you through an email.

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      Patrick Steil

      Also would like to add my vote to add the ability to add a drop shadow to any object or text… thanks…

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      Thanks Patrick

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