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      Was curious if anyone with a Blackberry Playbook has tried Ribbit and if it works. I know that sumo paint works on it, and that has a similar software side to it.

      Also are there any plans for Ribbit to have an app in the ios or android store?

      such an excellent piece of software for free

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      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for contacting us. We actually haven’t tested on the Playbook, but any device running Flash can run Ribbet. Ribbet can even be used on iOS devices using a Flash-supporting browser such as Puffin. When Ribbet is used on a touch device however, as it’s optimized for use with a mouse, various things don’t work as well (things like drag/drop, painting etc). Also, Flash doesn’t perform as effectively on most mobile devices as it does on a desktop/laptop.

      We definitely have plans to roll out apps for Ribbet, and these are under development. We don’t have a schedule for when they will be released, and we’re focused on creating a quality product for the long term (so I can’t give you any launch dates just yet).

      Thanks very much for your feedback!

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