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      Although it is my photo used, is it any form of copyright infringement by using an image edited on Rebbit on my website?

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      Hi Sophie, Thanks for contacting us and excellent question!

      For any items created for commercial purposes (any use for the purpose of making a profit), almost everything is fine but there are some limitations:

      – Some fonts require a small payment for commercial use (click the little human icon next to the Add / Delete buttons on the Text tab for a link to the font designer’s website to check on this).
      – The stickers and the frames with sticker elements (such as the flower frame) may require the purchase of one or more stock images. If you would like to make use of these commercially, please contact us here, let us know specifically which stickers you want to use and we’ll forward you a link for the stock images required.

      Everything else within Ribbet can be used for commercial purposes without limitation.

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