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      s2t photography

      will there be a way to get my custom logo uploaded as a sticker so i can watermark my photos without just relying on my business name being spelled out in text? Unless i am editing in photoshop (which crashes my laptop 75% of the time, hence my love for Ribbet) i am limited to just typing a watermark and using a generic copyright sticker. I have even tried to merge it to the photo in pixlr editor as a layer and it wont drag and drop. To be honest, I would love to be able to upload my logo as a sticker for easier placement once editing is done.

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      Hi, Thanks for contacting us!

      In order to use a custom sticker, simply upload the sticker to the Photo Basket at the bottom of the editor. You can then drag it on, resize it, and use it as a sticker.

      In order to maintain transparency in your logo, first create it in Ribbet using a Blank Canvas with the transparent background option ticked, and then save it in PNG format (from the format dropdown on the Save tab). Then, when uploaded to the Photo Basket and dragged on, your logo will maintain its transparency (and won’t have a white background).

      Let us know if you have any further questions!

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