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      Would someone please be so kind as to explain the correct way to size a blank canvas or photo, please? I used the drop down menu under Basic Edits and chose the 8×10 for a sign, however when I printed it, it cut off portions of the edges. I’ve looked through the Q&A’s and the Forum, but didn’t find anything explaining how to figure dimensions. I mainly work with 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 and 8.5×11 so I would greatly appreciate understanding how to do this! Many, many thanks, in advance, for any assistance you may be able to provide!
      Best regards,

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      Hi Robi,

      Thanks for contacting us! Using the Constraints drop down as you’ve described is the correct way to have your images perfectly fit the paper size selected. However what it sounds like is happening in this case is that the Printer settings are what’s causing the issue. If you choose 8×10 the image will be exactly sized to match 8×10 proportions. So just before printing you will need to go into Print Properties and have a look at what options are available for your printer. It will most likely be a case of changing the option “Print to Fit” or similar, which will tell the printer to fit the image to the paper.

      Another thing you can try if this doesn’t do the trick is printing from Ribbet’s Save > Print tab.

      If you still have an issue, could you please email us an example photo that you’re trying to print so we can check it looks correct (to support [at] Thanks!

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      Hi there!
      Thank you so VERY much for your kind and extremely thorough answer to my inquiry! 🙂 I will certainly try each of the things you suggested, and I feel confident that one of them will solve the issue. {I’m thinking my printer settings are the likely culprit.} If I’m still unable to correct it, however, I will follow up with you via email as you requested. Thank you, once again, for your kindness and assistance!!
      With utmost appreciation,

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