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      If you have trouble loading any page in the Ribbet application you may see endless spinning gears, a stuck loading bar, a blank page, or a Flash Player error message. Use these steps to resolve the issue:

      Step 1. Go directly to the Ribbet app

      Skip the welcome page. Access Ribbet directly at

      Step 2. Force refresh Ribbet

      1. Go to or force refresh the page you’re already on.
      2. Click the refresh button next to the address bar in your browser or try the following:

      PC: Hold down Ctrl and press F5
      Mac: Hold down Command and press R

      Step 3. Clear your browser cache

      Follow these steps to clear your browser’s cache.

      Step 4. Clear shared objects

      A local shared object is very similar to a browser cookie, but for Flash websites like Ribbet. It’s a data file that Ribbet creates on your computer to help improve your experience. Learn more about local shared objects at

      When these shared objects become corrupted or old, it can affect your ability to upload. Follow these steps to clear your shared objects in Adobe Flash Player:

      1. Go to Abobe’s Flash Player help web site. The Settings Manager that you see is not just an image; it’s the actual Flash Player Settings Manager.
      2. Scroll through the list of sites and select
      3. Click the Delete Website button for each.
      4. Confirm the deletion.
      5. Open the Global Storage Settings Panel.
      6. Check both of the following boxes:
      – Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer.
      – Store common Flash components to reduce download times.

      Once you’ve cleared your local shared objects, please clear your browser cache (Step 3) again.

      Step 5. Update Adobe Flash Player

      This takes about 3 minutes and is totally free.

      1. Uninstall your current Flash Player.
      2. Install the most recent version of the Flash Player.

      Step 6. Disable any Flash or ad-blocking Extensions

      Ribbet needs Flash to run. Certain browser Extensions and Add-ons block Flash from working. You’ll need to disable these Extensions or whitelist Ribbet. Below are browser-specific steps to find out what Extensions or Add-ons you’re using:

      Chrome: Open a new tab and type chrome://extensions.
      Firefox: Click Tools > Add-ons.
      Internet Explorer: Click Tools > Manage Add-ons.

      To whitelist Ribbet, add ** as an exception in the Extension or Add-on.

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