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      Could a feature be added where you can rotate objects three dimensionally? So if I wanted to add text to this wall: …and have the text look like it’s actually written on the wall, by “pushing” the left side of the text box “into” the background. If this was just a discreet button the keyboard that would be fine, kind of like Shift for stretching. Cheers.

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      Hi Daniel, Thanks for contacting us! This is an excellent suggestion, and one we will look at including in the Ribbet Text tool in a future version.

      As of right now, you can achieve this through the Pro Editor tool:
      1. Head to the Pro tab > Pro Editor tool > Pixlr Editor
      2. Add the text and resize it as closely as possible to the size you desire
      3. Select from the menu Layer > Rasterize Layer
      4. Select from the menu Edit > Free Distort…
      5. Move the corners to achieve the desired effect
      6. Choose from the menu File > Save > OK

      Let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

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