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      Rachel Barker

      I have used Ribbet for ages to create photo collages but the last couple of months I’ve really struggled to save them. I’ve tried uploading from Flickr and my computer and saving to both as well but am getting various error messages, sometimes just saying ‘the picture failed to save’ and other times saying ‘one or more of the photos are missing’ (but they’re not, and I’ve tried using different photos and different styles of collage). I’m using a Mac – do you have any suggestions?

      Many thanks.

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      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for contacting us and sorry to hear that you’ve run into this issue.

      We’ve just pushed a fix for this problem. Could you please try creating a collage with images from your computer only to see if you run into any issues? If not, can you then try with Flickr images as well?

      Let us know if you have any further problems. Thanks!

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      Thanks so much for looking at this straight away – it works now! I’ve just done two test collages, one from Flickr and one from my computer and both worked. There are still a couple of glitches, e.g. when I try and change the colour of the border to white, the cursor drags and it takes a few attempts, and the way the squares now split into top, middle and bottom make it a slower process (I just want to put one photo in each square) but I’m so glad I can save them now.

      Thanks again 🙂

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      Hi Rachel, Excellent to hear that it’s working now, both for Flickr and regular uploads.

      The splitting of the cells is a new feature which is handy for advanced customization of your collages, however based on your feedback (and the feedback of some other users) we have added the ability to switch this off: When creating your collage untick the “Split cells when adding photos” checkbox (which is on the left of the collage screen).

      I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with changing the border color but please let us know if this continues to be a problem or if you have any other feedback we’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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