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      Here are some solutions to the “Whoops! Your photo failed to save!” dialog:

      Try a different destination folder: You may be trying to save to a read-only drive or folder. Try saving to another folder, such as your desktop.

      Incognito Mode or Private Browsing: Ensure that you aren’t using ‘Incognito Mode‘ or a ‘Private Browsing‘ mode, because this can block Ribbet’s ability to save files to your computer. Try closing down any incognito or private browser windows, and returning to regular web browsing mode.

      Safari 6.1 and higher: Open the Ribbet editor and then follow these instructions to turn off ‘Safe Mode‘ for, which will allow Ribbet to save photos to your computer. Then reload Ribbet.

      Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 or higher
      Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer in ‘Desktop-mode‘ (Right-click on the browser screen, select the wrench icon from the bottom ribbon and then ‘View on the Desktop‘). ‘Metro-style‘ Internet Explorer can’t save images from Adobe Flash (which Ribbet runs on).

      Recommended Browser
      We recommend using Google’s free Chrome browser which offers the most stable Ribbet experience and doesn’t require the above changes.

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