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      tracie hislop

      Hello, Iw as just curious when you were going to start charging to use premium things? I was using picnik and I loved it very much. I know picnik had three different ways you could pay. I always paid $24.99 a year to use picnik, which I was very happy about. I was using picmonkey but now they are charging to use their premium stuff which is just like picnik. They are charging $4.99 a month to use premium stuff now. I am not happy with that at all. I do not have a problem paying but I am not going to pay $4.99 a month which comes to $60.00 a year to use the premium stuff. Please Please Please do not charge that much on your site. There are quit a few people who are not happy about paying $4.99 a month. I am already happy with Ribbet because I can do the same things I can do on picmonkey and picnik. Thank you Tracie Hislop

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      Hi Tracie, We don’t have an exact date for when we will start charging for premium. We’d like to stay free as long as possible, and may also experiment with an advertising-supported Ribbet.

      We’ll make our pricing as attractive as possible, and it will probably be around what Picnik was. We’ll be giving you plenty of notice before we do start charging, and will also be open to further feedback at that time.

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