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      Hello, I was recommended to Ribbet from my Mother that uses the program regularly and swears by it… So I recently got a new camera and decided to try her suggestion… I love the program and how easy it is but my photos that are 18 mega pixels, crisp and clear in the original photos go pixelated as soon as I upload them and before I apply any edits to them … I tried using and they load just fine to that site but the site doesn’t give you half of the options to do with the photo as Ribbet.. I want to continue using it but can’t figure out why my photos look so bad!?.. Any suggestions??

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      After discussing with Destiny over email, this problem turned out to be resolved by rebooting her computer. Also, clicking the Undo button immediately after uploading a high-res image (or changing Image Quality preferences to Archival) allowed her to edit her work at 16 megapixels.

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