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      Hi, wondering how I can place one image in front of another, without the rear image showing through the front image ?
      Have tried everything ( perhaps being a bit ‘blonde’ ) ? but cannot figure out how to do this . Any pointers would be much appreciated .
      Thanks. :o)

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      Hi Soozie!

      Normally when you drag a new image on from the Photo Basket (at the bottom of the editor) it won’t be transparent and you shouldn’t be able to see through it. If you Fade the image (on the Photo Properties dialog that appears) or add an Advanced Blend Mode on that dialog, you will be able to see through it.

      The only exception is if you’re dragging on transparent PNG images, then these will maintain their transparency. There are 2 ways around this (if that is the issue here – I’m not certain):

      – Drag on an item from History (in the Photo Basket you can change the dropdown from Uploads to History)
      – Or, open up the PNG file, save it as JPG and re-upload it to Ribbet (you can change from PNG to JPG in the Format dropdown on the Save screen). Then try again using this new upload.

      Hope that helps! If you’re still having the issue, please email us a screenshot to support [at] and we’ll look into the problem further.

      Regards – The Ribbet Team

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