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      Hi! I love Ribbet, thank you for taking over where Picnik left off, so many of us LOVE what you guys are doing!

      I have a request, I work with LARGE photos and I know that can bog down the servers, as I get the message “Your image is still uploading to our server” and there is quite the lag time when dealing with these large images.

      Also, some of the features (red eye for example) don’t work correctly and hang up with these large images.

      I understand that I am using a free program, and love it for what it does, but I would be MORE than happy to pay for upgrades, especially when it comes to speed for dealing with these large files. The interface and options you have for editing photos are phenomenal, and, more often than not, I like them more than Lightroom and Photoshop!

      So, I ask you to consider offering some kind of paid Premium Account that gives me faster image editing. 🙂

      Thanks again for having this great program!

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      Hi Aemi,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and for telling us what you want!

      There are some limitations currently with how Adobe Flash deals with large images which can slow things down, but I do have some suggestions for you:

      1. Rather than waiting for each image to upload, you could upload a bunch of images at once and let them all upload while you’re doing something else (or overnight). Come back and edit when they’re all done (they’ll be ready for you on the Library > My Computer tab).

      2. Also, if some features such as red eye are failing on large images, either let us know and we’ll look at fixing them, or you could try using the Google Chrome browser as it seems to have the least bugs and be lighter weight compared to other browsers.

      All that being said we definitely hear you regarding dealing with large images and will keep that in mind as we continue to develop and improve the efficiency of Ribbet.

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      Thanks Ribbit!

      The uploading problem only comes AFTER I have edited, so batch uploading wouldn’t really solve that problem.

      I have installed Google Chrome, and it does work faster than Firefox for editing. Still a little lag, but better. Thanks for the suggestion!

      My favorite tool is “Cross Process.” Can you tell me the equation you used to get that effect? The changes it makes to the picture? I’m so picky about my photos and want to be able to tweak things while editing, and knowing the equation that Cross Process does to my photos would help!

      Thanks again so much!

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      Hi Aemi, You’re welcome!

      Basically the way Ribbet works is that when you upload a single photo, while you’re editing it, it’s uploading the photo to our server in the background. So if you’re doing a relatively fast edit, when you go to save it may still be uploading. The advantage of batch uploading your photos is that when you open one from your library, it’s already uploaded to our server and so there’s no background uploading and no wait. Give it a try with just 2 photos and you’ll see what I mean.

      I’m really glad that Chrome is faster for you.

      “Cross Process” is a combination of 3 effects:
      – a custom curves adjustment
      – a contrast and brightness adjustment
      – a subtle tint operation

      Let us know if we can be of any more help!

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      Again, thank you for all the help! Using Google Chrome Browser and batch uploading has made things super fast!

      I really appreciate you quick help and your website, it is, by far, one of the best editors around!

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