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      I love Ribbet. I use it for making photo grids (collages). For some posts on my blog, I create multiple collages with the same aspects. The only thing on Ribbet I don’t like is that I can’t keep editing the same collage template. If I click continue editing after saving the collage. I can edi anything and everything at the photo’s itself, but not the collage. So I have to start all over for each and every collage. I really hope there’s coming a workaround for that.

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      Hi Estrella, Thanks for contacting us! One thing you can do with Ribbet (which may help), is to open up a previous collage from the Library > History tab, and then click the Undo button (up the top right) until you’re back in Collage mode. This will allow you to keep the settings (aspect ratio etc) of your previous collage, and just replace the images. Hopefully that’s of some help to you. Let us know if you have any further questions!

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      That’s nice! Never noticed the History tab. It’s a little bit devious, but it does work. Thanks for this workaround!

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