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      i have pictures that are very fuzzy and i want to send them to walgreens so they can print but they said they is a Minimum image resolution required for a certain size. how do i change the resolution>

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      Hi Ashley, Thanks for contacting us. Basically the resolution of your image is simply how big it is. You can’t change the resolution – it’s determined by the quality of your camera or camera-phone. You can artificially blow up the photos, but this won’t improve their quality, it will only make them a bigger file size. This may overcome Walgreen’s limitation but the photos will still look fuzzy when you get them. You can do this in Ribbet by using Basic Edits > Resize, tick percentages and enter a number such as 200% or 300%.

      If the pictures are fuzzy you can improve this somewhat by using the Sharpen tool on the Basic edits tab within Ribbet. At the end of the day, the photos are going to look quite similar in print to how they do on the screen, so examining them on-screen will give you a good idea of what you can expect.

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