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      If you are seeing the dialog “Whoops! Your photo failed to save!” then see this article for solutions.

      If you’re having trouble saving photos to your computer with the big red Save Photo button, use these steps:

      Step 1: Use the ‘Basic Downloader’

      1. On the Save & Share tab, click on the Save to Computer tab.
      2. Click the Basic Downloader link, which is located below the Save Photo button.

      Your browser will then try to automatically download your photo. Watch for notifications that your browser is blocking the download.

      Step 2: Right-click and choose “Save picture as”

      If you tried that Basic Downloader and it was unable to save your photo, on that page click the link at the end of the text “If you’re still having trouble downloading, click here”. You’ll then have the option to right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) the image and “Save picture as…”

      Step 3: Update Adobe Flash Player

      If the first two steps don’t work, update your version of Abobe Flash Player. This takes about 3 minutes and is totally free.

      1. Uninstall your current Flash Player.
      2. Install the most recent version of the Flash Player.

      Are you seeing the error message, “We can’t save to your history…”?

      With Abode Flash Player 10 and 11, you can start editing your photos before they’re fully uploaded (Ribbet finishes it in the background). If the upload ultimately fails, you’ll see this error message when you try to save. The photo has been saved to your computer, but won’t show up in your Ribbet History.

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