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      There is a bug in the latest version of Adobe Flash 11.8. This bug causes the following effects to apply slowly and may even crash your browser:

      – Vibrance *
      – Gritty *
      – Impressionism
      – Hand Tinted *
      – VampiraScope *
      – Sandbox Effects

      * Update 21AUG13: Issues with struck-out effects have been resolved. We are waiting on Adobe for a fix to resolve the remaining effects.

      The smaller the image, the less likely you will experience problems with these effects. Cropping or resizing your image to as small as possible will therefore help minimize issues.

      If your image is over 4 megapixels in size, Ribbet will automatically downsize your image when applying one of the listed effects. If you would prefer to prevent this downsizing, simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard when initially opening up the effect (but be aware that doing so could significantly slow down the effect, or in the case of very large images, could cause your browser to crash).

      Unfortunately, we are waiting for Adobe to fix the bug and resolve the situation. These features will remain problematic until Adobe releases a fix. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

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