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      I love your site, but the constant, incessant requests to store up to 1Mb of file storage on my computer is driving me crazy! Sometimes it totally messes up what I’m doing, as the requests seem to come more frequently the longer I’m working on something. PLEASE charge something like picnik did and make that ^%&^$#@ thing go away! So I guess I’m requesting that as a feature it disappears forever! Sometimes (I’ve counted!) I’ve had up to 7 requests per minute. One DENY should be sufficient, unless you think people will just give in. I won’t. Too bad such an unpleasant feature mars your terrific site. I have even lost work completely due to that request thing. Make it stop. Thank you.

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      Hi Janno, The amount of storage Ribbet is requesting (1MB) is a minuscule amount. We would simply use this amount without asking (that’s what a program you installed on your computer would do), however Adobe Flash requires that we prompt you to do so. Ribbet really needs this space to function effectively and I would suggest simply approving it to use this amount of memory. Such a small amount will not have any impact on your other programs or storage space.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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