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      I’m editing a photo where my kids are holding up a blank chalkboard. I’m adding text to the chalkboard myself but am wondering if there is a way I can “erase” the parts of the text that overlap with their fingers to give it a more authentic look. How would I go about this? Thank you!

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      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for contacting us. There is a way to achieve this but it’s slightly tricky:

      1. Create a BLANK CANVAS – make sure you tick the Transparent checkbox
      2. Add the text you need to erase from
      3. Save – choose PNG in the Format dropdown
      4. Open up the Chalkboard image and upload the PNG you just saved to the Photo Basket at the bottom of the editor
      5. Drag on the text from the Photo Basket – you can resize it and use the Eraser tool on the Photo Properties dialog which appears to delete parts of the text

      Let us know if you run into any issues with this or need any further assistance!

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      Thank you very much! Incredibly helpful for this project, and for future reference!

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