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      Effect Painting is one of the most powerful tools within Ribbet. It gives you the ability to selectively add an Effect to only part of your photo. This fine-grained control is available any time you see the paintbrush icon. Here’s how it works:

      1. Apply an Effect like “Black and White” to your photo.
      2. Click the paintbrush icon to bring up the ‘Effect Painting’ box.
      3. You now have two options:

      Original: Paint the original image back in to specific areas. For example after adding Black and White, paint the original color back where you want it.
      Effect: Check the box next to ‘Reverse effect,’ and then paint the chosen effect onto the photo.

      4. Use the sliders to adjust Brush Size, Hardness (more hardness for a more exact brush edge), and Strength (a stronger brush will have more effect on the image).
      5. Click and drag the brush over the parts of the image you want to paint.
      6. When you’re done click Apply.

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