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      I would like to have this same awesome program in a download that doesn’t require internet. I have horrible internet service and I would love to be able to use this program when my internet is down.

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      Hi Ronda, Thanks for contacting us and for this excellent suggestion. Quite a few users have requested a downloadable, off-line version of Ribbet, and this is something we will consider for the future.

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      Michael Sugden

      I agree completely. My community is locked into a 10 year contract with a service provider that is horrible. I would love a desktop version. How much should I write the check for? 😉

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      I completely agree with Ronda. I have been looking for a photo editor program that could be as easy to use and complete as this page, but I haven’t, and now that I can’t connect on the Internet as often as when I found out this website I can’t edit the photos and the images I have 🙁 How much do we have to wait until you make an off-line program?

      PS: Congratulations for the website <3

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      Hi leti_uchiha, Thanks for contacting us! At this stage we’re still considering creating an offline/downloadable version of Ribbet, and unfortunately can’t give you a timeline for when this will be available. Thanks for the feedback and it’s good to know that a demand definitely exists for an offline version.

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      I agree! Sign me up when you have the desktop version available. I love this website, but it is hard for me as well to get online often.

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      Kara Peterson

      I am on an airplane… a lot! I would love to be able to spend that time editing my vacation photos so I can put those in albums!
      Are you going to have a version we can use offline?

      Thank you,

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        Hi Kara,

        Thanks for your message!

        At this stage, the mobile versions can be used offline. We don’t have any immediately plans for an offline desktop version. I’d say using Ribbet on a mobile tablet would be the closest thing that’s currently available offline.

        Let us know if you have any other questions!

        – Ben

Viewing 6 reply threads
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