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      Is it possible to make your text curve in a semi-circle formation?

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      Hi Monica,

      Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible. This has been a popular request though, and is something we will be including in a future version of Ribbet.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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      Monica did you ever get a work around for this?

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      Hi is curved text available yet please?

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        Hi Sarah! Not yet – this is scheduled for inclusion in an overhaul to the entire Text section which is happening in the coming months. We look forward to bringing you this enhancement then. Regards – The Ribbet Team

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      You shared that the text curving feature was supposed to be available with a complete overhaul in a “couple of months”. This was back in April. I am currently evaluating my membership status and was wondering if you have a more exact time frame for this feature or if I need to look elsewhere? My main reason for this question is that this has been an ongoing discussion for almost 4 years (since January of 2016) with no results.

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        Hi Bobbi,

        Unfortunately I don’t have an exact schedule to provide you for the curved text feature. It’s something we really want to see added, but is competing with a lot of other features for programming time. We’ll do our best to add it soon and I’ll update this forum thread once it’s available.

        What we plan to do is release a public vote up/down system for enhancement requests, so that we can determine exactly which features are the most wanted and implement these first.

        Sorry for any inconvenience in not having it live just yet!

        – The Ribbet Team

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      An update on this: there actually is a way to create curved text right now using the Pro Editor tool, but the text won’t be editable again later. We will at some stage add it to the main Ribbet editor and it will be easier. But, here’s how to do it right now:

      1. Open up the Pro Editor tool > Ribbet Fly (on the Pro tab)
      2. Click the “T” icon on the left bar (Text icon) and then click on your photo
      3. Choose your font/size on the top bar and then type your word(s)
      4. Now click Warp on the top bar. Choose the Style (e.g. Arc or Arch) and adjust the sliders if necessary
      5. When you’re done click the File > Save menu

      Let us know if you have any questions!

      – Regards, The Ribbet Team

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