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      I know in the past I was able to clone a face from one picture to another picture. I was thinking there was a before/after feature or something that I used. I have been searching for a bit now trying to figure out how I did it and not having much luck.
      I have a group of people and one person isn’t looking in one picture but is in another and I would like to edit so they are all looking.
      Can you help?

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      Hi Amy, To achieve this simply you will need our new layer eraser tool which is coming in a new version soon. Until then if you’re desperate, you can try these instructions however they’re a little on the tricky side.

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      So I gather that means that there is no longer the before/after option that there once was or am I imagining that I was able to do it different before?

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      Amy. Sorry, you’re right. There is a way to do it now, we just hadn’t though of doing it that way. Quite brilliant really so thank you.

      Basically you:

      – Open up the group shot
      – Drag on the image that you want to grab the single face from (from the photo basket)
      – Apply the Before/After frame (first effect on the Frames tab)
      – Use the clone tool to copy the face from the “after” to the “before” image
      – Crop the “before” image

      Is that the way you meant it could be done?

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