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      I cant change the colour of my picture eg from pink to green. is there a button to do this? and how do I remove the background from picture? thanks

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      Hi Faith,

      Thanks for contacting us!

      To change the color of your entire picture, you can use the Effects tab > Tint effect (around 2 pages from the top of the tab). To change just an area of the picture, use the Effects tab > Doodle tool (towards the end of the tab) to paint over a particular area. You can use the Advanced Modes dropdown within this tool to make the effect blend with your image. You can try all the different modes, but you will probably want Overlay.

      To remove a background from your image, you can either use the Doodle tool (mentioned above) to paint a flat color over the background of your image, or if you’d like to replace the background:

      1. Upload the background image you would like to use
      2. Drag on the foreground image (that you want to remove the background from) from the Photo Basket at the bottom of the editor
      3. Click the Eraser Button on the Photo Properties dialog that appears
      4. Erase the background by dragging over it with your mouse button down

      Let us know if you have any further questions!

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      Penny Whiteley

      So I am just wondering if you have a video for this.
      There are quite a few steps and to see it being done would make it much easier!
      Thank you

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      Hi Penny,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      We do have this video which was created in an older version of Ribbet, but is essentially still how erasing works in our program version.

      You can’t currently erase in our new online version, however this feature is going to be added very soon and there will be an Erase option within the Adjust tab.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

      – Ben

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