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      As we continue to build and expand upon our image editing toolkit available across web and mobile devices, we have had to make a difficult decision regarding our native program version for Windows and Mac (the version launched from the Ribbet icon on your desktop or icon bar):

      Either to discontinue the native program entirely or to keep it live exclusively as a Ribbet Premium benefit.

      Knowing that the desktop program is still popular with a segment of our users, we decided not to discontinue it but instead opted to move it under our Ribbet Premium membership.

      Therefore, beginning on 30 November, 2022, all Ribbet users who don’t already have a Premium membership and wish to continue using our native program will need to upgrade to Ribbet Premium.

      All Ribbet features that are currently free on our web browser and mobile versions will continue to be available for free, so that users who don’t wish to upgrade can continue to make creative use of Ribbet without having to pay anything.

      We welcome any feedback or questions you have to share at and look forward to the near future, when we’ll be releasing exciting new tools and features across web and mobile to further empower your creative process!

      – The Ribbet Team

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