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      If you can’t find a photo that you’ve edited in Ribbet and saved to your computer, please follow these steps:

      Step 1: Save another photo to find the default location.

      After you hit the big, red Save button Ribbet asks for a file name and where you’d like the photo to be saved on your computer. The location that is already open is probably where your previous photo was stored.

      Step 2: Look in your History section.

      Go to the Library tab and then your History section. If the image was successfully saved, the History section will have a record of it. Open up the photo and resave it to a memorable location.

      When you upload a photo file to Ribbet, we create a new copy of the image rather than removing the file from its original location. If you’re trying to find the original photo file, you can find it in the original location unless you moved it after uploading it to Ribbet.

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