a pop up came on from Adobe disk space?

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      I was trying to save my last Ribbet image, when a message pop up in the middle of screen, something about Adobe & my disk space was not enuff for all my images here. I quite don’t understand it, so I closed out to come here for help. Could it be that maybe I have too many images here at this site? Do I only have a limited space or hosting my images share might have exceeded?
      Please help me understand betta?
      Thank you ittybitts3

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      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for contacting us! This dialog was most likely requesting local storage space for Adobe Flash. This is nothing to be concerned about, and is used for temporary storage only. There isn’t currently any limit on how many images you can store in your Ribbet library. You can either approve the message next time it appears, or follow these instructions to prevent it appearing again:

      Right click (control click for Macs) over this slideshow:

      Select “Settings…”, then a box will appear. Click the tab with a file folder and a green arrow. Set the slider all the way to the right (Unlimited) and tick “Never ask again”:

      Ribbet needs the space in order to save your sign-in, your last picture, and other conveniences.

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