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Hi Debbie, Thanks for contacting us and for your candid feedback.

We agree with you that these ads can be deceptive. Many of the advertisements that display on Ribbet, including these “download” buttons, are automatically displayed by the Google AdSense network which we have adopted. This network (run by Google and the most popular on the internet) automatically displays ads it deems relevant based on both the content of the page and the visitor’s browsing habits. So basically we didn’t specifically select these ads to display and not everyone sees them. They are automatically displayed to only certain users.

There are however ways for us to filter which ads do display, and we will look at what’s possible in reducing user confusion by blocking any deceptive advertisers or advertising categories.

Also, as we move to making Ribbet a paid service, the number of ads will reduce and for paid members there will be none within the editor whatsoever. Thanks again for your feedback, we really appreciate it a lot.