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Hi acatlover8, Every effect and feature not flagged with the word “Premium” remains free. Premium fonts and collage layouts are those with a blue background.

Hi Janet, We are considering a special offer for those on a very limited income, and will announce details of this once we’ve finalized our decision.

Hi Loungygirl, I’ve followed up with you over email. For anyone else having this issue, please try upgrading in another web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

Ben, we really appreciate your comments and support!

Tigrebianca, our basic options have remained free. If there are particular Premium features you’d like to see free, please let us know which ones.

Sophia, we have always been transparent that our free Premium period was for a limited time only. Unfortunately it’s infeasible for us to continue supporting the site on ad-revenue alone.

Let us know if you have any other questions!