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Kim Plechaty

I have downloaded the desktop version. It seems to drag and I have issues with it “not responding” or just plain being super slow. Then I am left having to restart it all over again. When I use the flash version it seems to work faster. I am hoping these are just hiccups within the desktop version and that this is not going to be the norm. I also have encountered it not letting me download photos as well and it forces me to use the old download where you can only do one photo at a time. I use Ribbet to edit several photos in a sitting and loading them one at a time is very tedious. I have found myself just going back to the old version because it just seems to be more reliable and quicker. I hope with me saying something that it is looked at and addressed. I do like this application to edit my photos in and I hope things are just in the trial period to see what will need tweeked before the new year .
Thank you,
Kim P.