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    Since today any images edited in express are now not saving at all. The image just hangs on the save screen ?
    Anyone else having this problem and how do I resolve it?

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    Hi JK, Thanks for contacting us and sorry that you’ve been having this issue! We are currently experiencing some problems with the Pro Editor tool and our integration with Pixlr, which we are looking into and should resolve soon. We will keep you updated as soon as this is fixed.

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    Kim Plechaty

    JK I have been having the same problem as well. Thank you for posting this. Now I can check back here to see if the issues has been resolved.

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    ok, so I’m not the only one LOL!!

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    Hi, still not resolved for me certainly! Its been 2 weeks!
    Any chance we can get an update please?

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    Hi JK, We are awaiting on a fix for this from Pixlr. They are aware of the issue and have their web team working to provide a solution. I will update you as soon as I have any further information. Sorry for the delay and we are expecting a solution very soon.

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    candida simmons

    I, too, am having the same problem in the last few days, I put together, what I thought was an interesting layered picture on pixlr express, which I have done in the past and it will no longer allow me to save them, hence, I cannot keep it, it goes back to the 1st and orig.layer, looking forward to having this fixed, thanks.

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    Michele Thielke

    I was having the same problem about a week ago. Today I went into Pixlr and edited my photo exactly the way I wanted and, lo and behold, it still isn’t saving. šŸ™ I hate to lose this edited image. Is there any other way to save an image off of Pixlr?

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    Hi Michele, Unfortunately the only way to keep the image will be to take a screenshot. We are still patiently awaiting a fix from Pixlr, and I will keep you updated as soon as this is resolved.

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    Please let me know when the problem will be fixed.thanks

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    Iā€™m very pleased to announce that this issue has now been resolved. Please let us know if you run into any further problems!

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    This problem is happening again. Will not save for me. Anyone else experiencing the same?

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    Hi Cindi,

    There is currently a general issue affecting the Pixlr editor (the Pro Editor tools) which is causing saving to fail (and also sometimes loading). We are working with Pixlr to find a resolution to this issue, and I’ll update this forum thread once it has been resolved.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to have it fixed ASAP.

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    Tried to do an edit using Pixlr Express and it is not saving. This has been happening on and off for almost 3 weeks now. I’m just happy I’m not the only one having this issue.
    Hoping a solution is found soon.

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    Same problem yet again. Not great when you are trying to work as time is money.
    Rebooted Pc and Ribbet on several occasions.
    Any solution please ASAP?

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    Hi JK, We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately the Pixlr editors are under the control of Pixlr and we have to wait for them for a fix. We’re as keen as you are for them to resolve this so that everything is working smoothly again.

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    Hi thanks for the reply, but is there a timeframe as I’m losing time rapidly on this and as a paying subscription its not great when I cant use the features I use regularly.

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    Hi JK, Pixlr have just updated us to say that their team is looking into the issue, that they don’t have a definite time frame for a fix, but that they’re hopeful they can get it solved without too much delay. They’ll update us as soon as they have a fix ready or live.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience – we try to keep everything working perfectly all the time. Unfortunately in this case we have to wait for Pixlr to solve it.

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    Hi, also I am having the same problem. Had no problems before March……

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    Angelo Braga

    Hi all,
    We are trying for the first time using this API in our solution but unfortunately we are facing the same saving problems using pixlr express. Is there a way to findout Pixlr priority about this issue ?
    Ribbet, do you have any update about this issue ?
    Thx a lot !

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    Will not save image to my computer……grrrrrrr When is this going to be fixed?

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    Hi Angelo and Dawn,

    We really apologize for the inconvenience. Pixlr have told us that they are working on this issue as a high priority, however they are still yet to provide a fix. We are hoping this will be resolved ASAP as we know a lot of users rely on these tools. We will keep this forum thread updated as soon as a fix is released or we have any further information.

    Sorry again for the delay and we hope to have a resolution very soon.

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    I’m very pleased to let you know that this issue has again been resolved. We’re really sorry that it took so long to fix and we’re going to work with Pixlr to try to ensure this problem doesn’t recur.

    Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you run into any further issues.

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    Angelo Braga

    Good news !!!

    Nice to know we can count on your help !


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    Lynn Esposito

    Photos edited in Pixlr express are not being saved to my computer.
    When I hit save it says it’s done, but they are not downloading onto my laptop.
    This is a new problem for me, I’ve been using Pixlr for years.
    It’s currently Sept. 2018

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    Hi Lynn, Sorry to hear you’ve run into this issue. Are you using Pixlr through Ribbet’s Pro Editor tool? It seems to be saving fine from here, can you please try again?

    Is the problem that the image doesn’t save back from Pixlr to Ribbet? It should replace your current edit so you can then save. If not, are you seeing an error message or what happens exactly?

    Regards – The Ribbet Team

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    Lynn Esposito

    Hi and thanks so much for the response.
    I tried again. Same thing.
    I didn’t even know Pixlr had anything to do with Ribbet.
    I go directly to Pixlr, and only use Pixlr Express, and I’ve never used Ribbet Pro Editor.
    When done, I hit save, choose desktop, and it’s always downloaded to there in the past.
    Now, I do all that, Pixlr flashes a message it’s saved…..but it’s not on my desktop.
    I’ve checked my download folder and it’s not there either.
    Where’s it saved to? And why is it no longer downloading?

    ” Is the problem the image doesn’t save back from Pixlr to Ribbet?”
    I never knew it did that. And I never had this problem before. It was always just a straightforward save from Express to desktop.

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    Hi Lynn, Pixlr doesn’t have anything to do with Ribbet but we do have a tool on our Pro tab called the Pro Editor tool. Using this tool you can edit your photo with Pixlr and Pixlr Express. I’m not sure why Pixlr isn’t working for you and unfortunately we can’t help much with that, but you could try editing through Ribbet with the Pro Editor tool and it might just work for you (at least until it’s sorted out). Another thing you could try is a different web browser such as Chrome.

    Regards – The Ribbet Team

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    Lynn Esposito

    Again, thank you.
    It may be due to recent upgrades of my browsers.
    I have Safari 11.0.3 and Firefox 62.0.2

    Apologies, but I’m confused. You say Pixlr has nothing to do with Ribbet, but you seem to be with Ribbet.
    “but we do have a tool….” Is we Ribbet or Pixlr?
    Are you talking about the new Pixlr Pro on the Pixlr site with the 7 day free trial?
    Is it an upgrade and do you know if it will work with my browser upgrades?

    I really appreciate your time and effort, here.

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    Hi Lynn,

    To clarify: you’re currently posting to the Ribbet blog, and I am speaking for Ribbet.

    I’d say the issue here is that the latest version of Firefox on Mac made some breaking changes which prevents Flash from saving (see this article). You can actually follow the 4 steps under the title “To disable the Flash sandbox in Firefox” in that article to switch off this change, which should fix things for you.

    Regards – The Ribbet Team

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    lynn esposito

    I did what you said.
    It worked.
    Many many thanks.

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