Selective Effects and Erasing have arrived on mobile!

The latest version of Ribbet for iOS has just been released and now supports applying your favorite effects and filters selectively.

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How does it work?

This feature lets you choose an area of your photo where you’d like an effect to be applied. Simply open an effect, tap the Eraser icon and paint the area you want to erase.

This lets you adjust contrast, exposure, color and sharpness on selective areas of your photo. You can color splash one part of a photo, leaving the rest black and white, or apply any other Ribbet filter or tool selectively.

How do you remove backgrounds from images?

1. Start with a Blank Canvas or a new background image
2. Add your photo as a Watermark
3. Use the Erase tool to remove the background.

We’re in love with this new capability and can’t wait for you to check it out! Selective effects will be available on Android soon.

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