Summer is almost here (for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!) and hopefully, this summer will be filled with beautiful memories for you! Perhaps you’ll travel to a new country, go to the beach or mountain hiking, attend some really cool events or just relax and enjoy some summer sunsets. Regardless of your plans, keeping these memories alive forever is easy with some inspiring photos. 

If like most of us, you’ll use the camera on your phone, make sure you check out these 7 tips for taking better mobile pics. Once you’re all set, here are 10 ideas we challenge you to try out this summer:

1. Capture insanely beautiful details

Beauty lies in the details, right? Instead of looking at the big picture, look for the small things that can make your image great. Macro photography can emphasize parts of our world we might usually be too busy to see. In particular right now, when all of nature is coming alive, you’ll find many charming little details to capture. Don’t forget to use your camera’s special setting for close-ups!

2. Photograph your family and friends having a good time

Use portrait mode to capture those closest to you smiling, being happy or in awe, or just relaxing. This will probably create this summer’s best memories. Seeing someone we care about having a good time makes us content as well. 

3. Create collages with the best summer foods & drinks

Summer is all about ice cream, fresh fruits, salads, and cold drinks. If you’re a foodie like we all are and you’re taking your phone out whenever food eye-candy is involved, create a collage with your best shots. We guarantee it will always make you smile.

4. Go for the least popular photo spots

Whether you’re traveling or just walking around your own city, the least known spots can hold great beauty. Taking pictures of popular landmarks is so commonplace, so why not spark curiosity with a hidden gem?

5. Take a picture from the same spot over a series of days 

We’re always in such a rush that we miss seeing how things change and evolve around us. On your way to work, your daily run, when you’re going to the market or when traveling, stop in the exact same spot and take a picture. You’ll be amazed to see the subtle differences you wouldn’t even notice otherwise. 

6. Take a photo where everything is in your favorite color

This one is for those creatives who’ll go the extra mile to capture a brilliant image. But it doesn’t have to be complicated – think of it as a fun experiment where you have to compose your image of only blue things (for example). If it doesn’t happen to work out just like that, you can always create a collage and add the blue elements one by one.

7. Experiment with different lenses – even if you’re using your phone

Different lenses provide a new perspective. A wide-angle lens can better capture the beauty of a place, while a macro lens emphasizes the hidden beauty of small things. There are so many options available for your phone that are easy to transport and will give your summer pictures a totally different and professional-looking angle.

8. Find a unique perspective

We all know the “follow me to series. It started a viral trend in how people take their vacation photos. Try finding your own unique perspective, your signature angle, something that will differentiate your pictures from everyone else’s. It doesn’t have to go viral, it just has to be fun!

9. Make it count

Art holds a lot of power and can extend beyond just pleasing the eye of the beholder. This summer, try taking a picture that will somehow help someone or that attracts attention over an issue you are passionate about.

10. Take a memorable self-portrait

Organize a photo session for yourself and take your own portrait. Use a mirror or it can just be a selfie. Capture you as you are this summer and the stage of life you are on. It can be when you’re visiting a nice place or in your own home. But make sure you put some effort into it so that the result is representative and inspiring to look at in a few years’ time. 

These are the 10 ideas we challenge you to try this summer! Whether you’re using your phone or a professional camera, have fun with them. You are sure to create some nice memories!


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