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    Suzi Carragher

    I would love to use this to create Cover Images and Profile Pics for Facebook Pages.

    My Wish List:
    1 – A button that gives me a canvas in FB dimensions (125 px x 125 px live area; 200 px x 200 px trim) for the profile pic and 815 px x 315 px for the Cover image
    2 – the ability to skew and resize images within the collage
    3 – a reminder where the profile pic sits in the Cover image.

    THANKS and GOOD LUCK! I’ve been looking for an alternative to Picnik since Google absorbed it.

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    Thanks Suzi, These are excellent suggestions that we will consider as future Ribbet! features.

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    Hi Suzi,
    the profile area is 160×160 (it used to be 125×125). The cover is 851×315

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    I agree! This is one thing I would love to see as well!

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    I am trying to create a collage for a facebook cover (851 x 315) Has this been developed yet?!

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    Hi Penelope,

    Thanks for contacting us! Yes, this has been developed. To create a Facebook cover collage, simply create a collage as normal, and select “Facebook Cover” from the Snap dropdown (towards the end of the list). This will create a collage in the correct proportions for a Facebook cover photo. The actual dimensions will be larger than 851×315, however Facebook supports larger cover photos as long as they keep the correct proportions.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Thank you soooo much for getting back to me so quickly!

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    Tina Alosa

    I have used the collage feature to create a facebook cover and it worked very well for me. I am also aware of the ability to choose fb cover as the size when cropping a picture, however, this choice does not work on all pictures, often is crops parts of the picture that I don’t want to lose. Is there a way to ‘shrink’ my picture to enable me to fit in all the elements I want to include for my fb cover page? I have been unable to do this so far. Have I missed something?

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    Hi Tina,

    Yes you can shrink your image to fit in all the elements. There are 2 ways to achieve this:

    1. Create a Blank Canvas and choose the Facebook Cover preset from the dropdown. Then drag on your image from the Photo Basket at the bottom of the editor and resize it to fit.
    2. Or, you can distort your image to fit the Facebook Cover by using the Basic Edits > Resize tool, unticking Keep Proportions and entering 851×315. This will however make your image look a little squashed.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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