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Hi Danny, Unfortunately there isn’t currently a straightforward way to do this. The closest thing to it is to use the Sandbox > Hole effect to curve the text around a hole, although this distorts the text more than a simple curve would.

Here’s how to apply the Hole effect to text:

1. Add the text. You may want to add it to a Blank Canvas (Library > Start tab) so that you can then add the text as a layer later on, depending on exactly what you’re trying to achieve.
2. Combine everything by clicking the Cog icon on the top right bar (next to Undo / Redo)
3. Go to the Hole effect which is at the very end of the Effects tab within Sandbox Effects. Adjust the Radius slider and position the hole by clicking on your photo.

Hope that’s of some help 🙂 Let us know if we can offer any further advice.