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I created a logo using Ribbet and it was saved at its standard quality that you have at a default setting (“8” is the number I believe it’s at, out of 10). The image itself is 533×439. My client who is using the logo says he needs the DPI to be at 700, as it will be printed at 4ft by 4ft. When I’ve sold my designs to people in the past, it’s simply the design, and not a printed image. When I’ve done this, none of them seemed to have a problem with printing…Upon researching this, my idea is that it’s based on the printer itself more than the program or image…Or am I wrong?

I read in your previous replies that it’s not in the image itself, but in it’s EXIF data – I clicked on the link you provided and was more confused than Trump reading the 1st Amendment. My question is, is there a particular size for a blank canvas that I need to use in order to get an image with a 700 PPI/DPI resolution, so that it can be printed at a larger scale without distorting the picture? I’m a bit lost on all this as this has never been a problem in the past.

Thank you for any help you provide.