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Hi Sue,

Thanks for contacting us. To ensure that your 8×11″ flyer is printed without any graininess, you need to make sure that your edit has a resolution of 2400×3300 or higher. This will allow printing at 300DPI which is optimal. If you need to, you can use a resolution as low as 1200×1650 (this will print at 150DPI), but any lower and the graininess you’ve described will begin to show.

Basically the higher the resolution you use the better and will result in the best quality printout. This resolution can be entered when creating your Blank Canvas. If you’re starting with a Grid Collage instead, make sure you have Quality set to High on the top toolbar. If you’re editing a photo, make sure the photo is a full resolution image.

You can also change your Image Quality setting to Archival (click Hi Username! on the top right toolbar to edit this setting) and this will allow the maximum supported resolution to be used with Ribbet.

Let us know if you have any other questions!