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Hi Eleonore,

I’m sorry you are experiencing this problem.

As long as you are registered, all edits are saved to your Ribbet history which can be found on the Library Tab. From here you can reload any photo you saved, and try to save it again to your computer. This means that you shouldn’t lose your work.

We are working on a “Basic Downloader” right now which will be released soon. This will be similar to our “Basic Uploader” and will therefore provide a way of downloading which is more reliable if you are having problems such as these.

In the meantime, if you aren’t currently working with the Google Chrome browser, this fixes a lot of issues, as does updating to the latest version of flash.

Last thing. We are also working on save to Facebook/Flickr and other services. This will also give you an alternate way of saving and is coming very soon.

Hope this helps 🙂