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Hi Amanda, Thanks for your feedback! The issue with image rotation is a problem that occurs when the image rotation is stored in the EXIF data of the photo (hidden information attached to a photo, usually created by your camera). The photo software in Windows 8 does support EXIF rotation, which means that if you take a photo on your camera in portrait mode, Windows 8 respects this and rotates appropriately. Ribbet currently doesn’t support EXIF rotation, however it does hang onto all EXIF data and so when you re-save, the rotation still exists (even though you can’t see it in Ribbet).

So basically you’re not doing anything wrong, Ribbet at some point will need to take into account EXIF rotation. Until Ribbet is updated with this feature, you can either:

– Simply recognize what’s going on and rotate appropriately (as you are now).
– Or as a workaround, follow the instructions here (under What does it mean to rotate pictures on import?) to turn off image upload rotation. You can then rotate once in Ribbet (for all new photos imported from your camera after changing this setting) and you shouldn’t need to rotate again.